Sunday, 4 January 2015

Thanks for looking at my brand new 2015 blog with wedding from 2014 as a start which are long over due posts as we have had a hectic 2014,with moving shop and opening a new shop which was only open for only 6 months as the public footfall wasnt enough to keep us in the way were used to working and please everyone. So we decided to stay on the same street where we`ve been for 9 years in April. All our loyal customers are great and we love getting recommendations though real hard work and planning, we have happy customers everyday as were happy to help each one with sad occasions like funerals and happy ones with births and weddings. Hatch Match and Despatch some people say.
On my Blog I`ve added a selective 15 weddings from 2014 as more will be added over the next year but also special funeral tributes which some are not on the main website as its quite full as I couldnt decide on what to show you. I`m very proud of all that I produce in my little shop in the centre of Ampthill as us professional florists are a dying trend, with supermarkets taking over the world with cheap flower products in which we cannot even begin to beat on price, but we don`t buy cheap quick dying flowers in the shop, We only import flowers which are dearer but last longer and quality is second to none. Columbian roses are brilliant and soon we will be ordering for Valentines Day also another wedding on the 13th Febuary x We must be crazy but in love at the same time :} Well Happy New Year to everyone who knows me and my staff at Flowers with Flair.

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